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Neptuno’s story.

During the winter of 2016, following the corporate philosophy of manufacturing easy-to-install Triumph parts (Modern Classics), we got to work on three parts that we had on mind a while ago in order to install them on a motorcycle we wanted to create so much, a Dirt Track. A motorcycle concept non so popular as Café Racer or Scrambler here in Europe, but really famous in the US.

We previously worked on a very similar concept, the motorcycle nicknamed “Moto Veloz”, but following the owner guidelines. On this case, the motorcycle would be owned by us and would be on sale afterwards, so we wouldn’t put any fences to our imagination.

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Considering the advantage of the previously developed part, the Dirt Track seat, there’s only left to develop the three parts already mentioned: the front guard, with a little headlight on the right side, the fork guards (necessary to remove the front fender) and of course, we wanted to create a new exhaust, the “GRAND BOLUDO”, a 2 in 1 on the high side , following the specifications of our already known exhausts, the “Boludos”.

A few parts were added as well: fender elimination kit, chain guard, footrests, sump guard, side cover and the custom numbered plate on the left side, all of them handcrafted by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Regarding the handlebar and wheels, we opted for a different path from the usual required for a Dirt Track. The handlebar chosen was a motocross Renthal , and about the tires we opted for the TKC80 by Continental, preserving the original rims, 17” rear and 19” front. Only three parts were left to install and finish our motorcycle: a small silver speedometer, tiny black turning signals and a pair of Hagon 36 cm long black shock absorbers.

Once initiated the assembling process, being the handlebar and the wheels the first parts to set, we noticed that the look resembled to an Scrambler as well. We instantly decided to present 2 motorcycles in 1, NEPTUNO and NEPTUNO II.
A perfect chance for introducing two completely different motorcycles with only exchanging 3 parts and being able to show the best feature of our parts, the PLUG AND PLAY.

NEPTUNO: Dirt track seat, fork guards and “El Gran Boludo” exhaust.
NEPTUNO II : Scrambler seat, front fender (Grand Bastard) and “Papillon” exhaust.

Regarding the colour, we were positives about it, we wanted fresh and lively colours, and since the name of the motorcycle was Neptuno, it had to be Indigo Blue combined with white and red.

This Triumph motorcycle is the first one to be transformed without having a specific client waiting for it. It is currently on sale, for further info please contact us on :

maquina motors barcelona
maquina motors barcelona


  • Model: Triumph Bonneville (Carb)
  • Year: 2006
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 800 ccc
  • Exhaust: Papillon
  • Headlight: Neptuno front mask
  • Handlebar: Cross Renthal
  • Speedometer: Carb speedometer
  • Grips: Black Biltwell
  • Seat: Scrambler
  • Tyres: Continental
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles:  Super López sump guard, chaincover, footrests, Grand Bastard front fender, Santa María side cover, Hagon shock absorbers, front turning signals and rear turning signals.

  • Design and paint job: Tamarit motorcycles

maquina motors barcelona
maquina motors barcelona
maquina motors barcelona
maquina motors barcelona

¿Interested in Neptuno?

This bike is one of the many projects that our clients tasked to us. Tamarit Motorcycles usually works based on 3 project models: The first one, the client sends his Triumph to our workshop to be modified as desired. The second, Tamarit buys and modifies the motorcycle under client’s request and desires. And finally, the client purchases an stock motorcycle, a finished project already modified.