Mr.Kevin’s story

Tamarit Motorcycles has three types of situations that could happen when a project lands on our table. The first one is the most common one, when the owner of a Triumph Modern Classic compatible with our parts range decides to trust us his motorcycle makeover. Other situation is the person, who doesn’t own a bike, comes to us to begin a project from scratch and Tamarit Motorcycles is in charge of everything, we get the bike and we begin with the makeover. And finally, the project that Tamarit begins with no client at all, just for the sake of imagination, a project without any guideline except our pure inspiration. Those kind of projects are on sale when they’re finished and then we are ready for the next one. Mr. Kevin was the third situation, since we always wanted to make a unique motorcycle, completely following our desires and making the most of the motorcycle, to introduce a few new parts like the belly pan and the nose fairing.

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The project was based on a Triumph Thruxton Carb, and we wanted her to be a Café Racer, but not a simple one, a Café Racer out of the ordinary and that would impress everyone because of the inclusion of diverse elements prone to appear at other motorcycle concepts. We knew from the very beginning that reaction among the purists of the collective would be of oddness or even rejection at some point, since a Café Racer pure of essence would never be equipped with dirt track knobbies, or feature the exhaust system on such a high setup scrambler style. Precisely, that was all this project about, about doing something that we personally would love, rising up against the imposed canon on a free manner without having to follow the roleplay imposed by society.

As a free setup, the design process was truly a walk in the park, since we could create what we wanted without limits, only our imagination set the limit.

On the rear part, stands out the Tamarit’s Café Racer seat par excellence, the Jarama seat, which is escorted by metallic parts as the chain cover and footrests. The front side is equipped with the front fender “New Little Bastard” and the Five Holes headlight bracket, the headlight grill and the grip rear view mirrors, and as most representative part of the front, the nose fairing designed for the ocasion, being Mr.Kevin a wonderful showcase to introduce this part.

Other part to introduce this time as been said previously, was the belly pan, that ornaments pretty well the underside of the motorcycle.

About the exhaust, we wanted to step out of the line by choosing an exhaust system scrambler style, same as the tyres were the Mitas E-07 at the rear and Heidenau K60 at the front.

If there’s something on this bike that really stands out apart from its rule-breaking parts setup, is the design and paint job, which providing an unlimited creativity, were absolutely stunning. We combined matte and shiny colours, mixing metalized grays with some black and white stripes with results more than satisfying.

The crew was very glad with the result, since nobody that the public introduction was indifferent no its features when the veil was lifted and obviously, because it was a furor by the time Mr. Kevin landed on the internet, being published by dozens of blogs and specialized websites, where the articles talked about Mr. Kevin as a fresh and transgressive creation. As the saying goes, one man’s hell is another man’s heaven, and we admit that among the collectives that don’t stray from tradition could not be pleasant to the eye, but that was exactly what we were looking for, innovate, provide something new and different.

A few weeks after Mr.Kevin came out into the open, we received an e-mail from a gentleman from Belgium, who was so interested in the Mr. Kevin’s purchase. And that’s how this adventure ended, we said farewell to Mr. Kevin and sent it to his new and proud owner. Mr. Kevin is a truly cornerstone of the Tamarit Motorcycles bikes catalog, and it’s gladly remembered by all the crew… even a few canvas of Mr.Kevin were hanged on our headquarter’s walls!</>


  • Model: Triumph Thruxton (Carb)
  • Year: 2004
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 900 ccc
  • Exhaust: Papillon
  • Speedometer: Carb speedometer
  • Grips: Black Biltwell
  • Seat: Jarama
  • Tyres: Heidenau
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles: Chaincover, footrests, Five Holes Triumph headlight bracket, Rear fender Eliminator kit , Santa María side cover, Ronin headlight grill, Mr.Kevin nose fairing, The Son belly pan, front turning signals and Rear turning signals

  • Diseño y Pintura: Tamarit Motorcycles

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This bike is one of the many projects that our clients tasked to us. Tamarit Motorcycles usually works based on 3 project models: The first one, the client sends his Triumph to our workshop to be modified as desired. The second, Tamarit buys and modifies the motorcycle under client’s request and desires. And finally, the client purchases an stock motorcycle, a finished project already modified.