When exclusivity means being different


Tamarit Motorcycles is a Triumph motorcycle transformation company with 100% Spanish DNA. In less than two years, Tamarit has become the market leader of Triumph motorcycle customisation.

Established in Elche in 2015, Tamarit has a strong trademark: each motorcycle is a unique project and has a special story to tell about its owner, who sees his/her personality reflected in the bike, where even the tiniest detail is considered. Craftmanship and technology serving the most sybarite clients in the world.

Tamarit’s path began when one of the owners – Quique, designer and manufacturer of leather shoes- was asked to create leather pieces for a custom bike seat. The finished product was a big success, many customisation requests followed and orders started to stockpile. It was only logical that after a short while he decided to turn this side gig into his full time job and started the company we know today as Tamarit Motorcycles. It was during these exciting times that Quique, along with the other soon-to-be owner Matías set course for the first big project, the one that would change everything, a Triumph makeover from scratch.

The idea of customising a motorcycle to the point you can give it a soul, became an attractive business opportunity that was getting bigger over time, as were the dreams of the owners. The Tamarit workshop in Elche is the stage where many professionals and manufacturers have come together to play a role in the different areas of production. We now have a full production facility that includes all stages of the motorcycle building art.


“Welcome to the Tamarit family”

This is the phrase that prospective customers receive in an email after they complete the website registration. From this moment on, a process begins where the future owner receives a vast set of customisation options throughout several interviews with the design team.

The customer’s dreams, hopes, hobbies and even his most nostalgic memories are to be somehow reflected on the new “hog”. Everything is then depicted in a handmade high quality sketch, where the final design is confirmed just as a haute couture order. Then, the customer bids farewell and patiently waits until the release day of his new Tamarit bike, which is also nicknamed and numbered by the owner himself during an event where relatives, friends and motor culture lovers gather around the veiled creation in order to celebrate the new member of the Tamarit clan.


Dare to be different

Tamarit Motorcycles philosophy prioritizes exclusivity and distinction. Daring to be different is the design guideline for every project, it doesn’t matter if we are changing a single bolt-on part or performing a full custom motorcycle build. For Tamarit is not about the size of the project, but about the impact that the final result causes, making it evident that even the tiniest detail was taken into account.

Tamarit emerges from the finest craftmanship in order to offer its clients a built-to-measure bike, with state of the art design that reflects a lifestyle chosen only by those who dare to be different. The ones that take pride in riding a bike that carries a part of their story and personality. A Tamarit customer would never want to chase recognition for the ordinary, a Tamarit customer craves exclusivity and simply wants to be unique. The motto that we use to describe this experience and that has gotten many luxury and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to fall in love with our brand is: Lucky people with lovely burras.