Street Twin Motorcycle Customizer

With Tamarit Motorcycles’ Triumph motorcycle customizer you can modify the Triumph Street Twin instantly. If any of the changes made is not compatible with the style of the motorcycle, you can modify them in only one simple step.

What is a Motorcycle Configurator?

A motorcycle configurator is a tool that allows the user, to choose a motorcycle model from the English brand and modify its color, parts and accessories in the easiest and fastest way.

This online configurator is extremely useful is you want to see how a modification would look on the bike, without having to wait for a really long time or doing permanent changes on it.


How does a Motorcycle Configurator works?

The motorcycle configurator is very intuitive and easy to work with, by following the next steps you can modify your Street Twin to create a unique motorcycle.

  1. First, you have to choose the Street Twin (from the other Modern Classics) as the model you want to personalize.


  1. Then, you pick a color from the ones available for that model.


  1. On the third step, the online configurator allows you to pick the parts and accessories you want for the bike. You start by adding the parts that go on the back and then move on to the front parts of the bike.


  1. Finally, you get to see the final result. If you notice that something does not look great on this final step, you can always go back and modify it.


Available parts on the Motorcycle Configurator

With the motorcycle configurator, you can modify your Street Twin with the parts created by Tamarit and also parts and accessories of renowned brands we have available.

By selecting a specific motorcycle model, the motorcycle configurator allows the user to choose only the parts that are compatible with that model. This way, is impossible to pick parts that are not compatible with the bike.

All the parts that can be painted will match the color selected for the bike. The colors available on the motorcycle configurator are the original RAL colors from the English brand.

Reasons to use the Motorcycle Configurator

Sometimes it can be really difficult to explain to others the ideas you have in mind to modify your bike. In other cases, you are completely sure you want to make some modification, but don’t know exactly how to begin.

On those cases, the motorcycle configurator is a very helpful tool simply, because it allows the user to make changes and see them immediately, without having to make really expensive (and sometimes permanent) changes on the motorcycle.