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Öhlins TR 538 Specs

Single tube

Piston diameter: 36 mm

Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body.

Adjustable rebound damping on single tube shocks. Adjuster wheel above the end eye.

Adjustable length.

Technical data

Length: 375 +10/-0 mm

Stroke: 101 mm

Rate N/mm: prog.18-27 N/mm

Mounted spring: 00480-03

Packaging unit: pair

How to install the shocks:

  1. Place the motorcycle on a working unit in order the rear wheel to barely touch the ground.
  2.  Loose and remove the current shock absorber.
  3. Place the Ohlins at the very same place, with the front cillinder on the upper side.

Level of installation: Easy

You may need the following tools :
– 13 mm wrench tool.

Ratchet-type tool is highly recommended.


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