Item description:

Tamarit’s Four Line Headlight Bracket measures 11x19x6 cm and is compatible with the models Bonneville Carb, Bonneville EFI, Bonneville SE, Bonneville Spirit, Thruxton 800, Thruxton EFI, Scrambler Carb, Scrambler EFI. The kit includes the brackets and the necessary stainless steel nuts and bolts.

How to install it?

The headlight bracket is very easy to set. You only have to remove the default bracket and set the “Four Line” attaching it on the same anchor points of the former one.
It is necessary to relocate the ignition key switch on models manufactured before 2016.

Difficulty level: Easy

You will need the following hardware:
– 12 and 13 wrench.
– Allen key number 6

Materials employed:

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted with the best materials available. The headlight bracket Four Line is made of thick lacquered iron

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the 4 line headlight bracket?

EmeBlack, No Limits, The Son, Ronin y Santa Maria.

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