Comeback Special Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Comeback Special’s story

Comeback special was our first project up to date based on a Street Twin. It was the first time that a client asked for a Triumph Street Twin makeover. Until this summer, we had only dealt with works based on the previously known Bonneville 900 and all its range, Thruxton 900 and Scrambler 900. Once Triumph Motorcycles added the new water cooled models on 2016, we were forced to introduce new parts for its new range of motorcycles.

At the beginning of the year, we introduced our first makeovers for the models mentioned, it was our first Bonneville model T120-based work: MURALLA, and YUNKE. Both of them triggered the development of a wide range of parts for that model.

Afterwards, two more clientes arrived with BABIECA and SOMBRA, both Thruxton models: a 1200 and a 1200R. We kept expanding our parts range for that model, which we didn’t have any part created so far.

By the time a client requested a makeover of his Street Twin motorcycle, a little trouble arisen, because we didn’t have any parts developed for the most affordable and best-selling motorcycle of the range, the “Street Twin”. The Triumph Street Twin was nothing but a challenge for us, because is prone to “being cooked in the oven” second to none.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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By the end of June, the actual owner of Comeback Special, Jorge, reached us asking for parts for his Street Twin motorcycle. We noticed that many of them matched with the Bonneville T100 and T120 parts, so Jorge decided to purchase some of them, but that wasn’t the idea he had in mind, he wanted something else, and after a few meetings we decided to initiate project #28.

Before any design, sketch and colour were proposed, there was something that was completely out of the question, and that was the motorcycle nickname: “Comeback Special 68”, named after the famous Elvis live gigs broadcasted by the NBC TV Network, highly considered as the forerunners of the concert format subsequently known as “Unplugged”.

The rest of it was truly a pleasure for us, quoting: “I want a Café Racer to fall in love with, and regarding colour range and designs you’re the professionals”.
We felt very honoured , as Triumph builders, to get such a praise from one of our customers.

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Luckily, as mentioned before, quite a few of our Triumph parts developed for the Bonneville T120, matched with the Street Twin as they were built on the same supporting frame; that circumstance gave us a little advantage after such amount of stress, considering that during the same period another 5 clients arrived to transform their Triumph Motorcycle.

About the Street Twin parts that we should change to transform our customer’s Triumph, the eliminator kit and the turning signals were paramount on the motorcycle makeover.
The single-seat “Jerez” model was other of the parts to set, as well as the side cover and the custom numbered oval-shaped plate which would be replacing the default huge side covers.

We wanted to achieve a more sport and swift look so we decided to set the Tamarit belly pan instead of our stainless steel sump guard.
At the front side of the Triumph, we opted for our small fender, the CAP Street handlebar, lsl mirrors and our grill.

Comeback Special specifications:

  • Model: Street Twin 900 EFI
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 865 ccc
  • Exhaust: Odin
  • Seat: Jerez
  • Tyres: Heidenau
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles: “Tamarit” Belly pan,  “Little Bastard” front fender, Side cover, oval shaped side cover, rear view grip mirrors, headlight grille, Four Line pack.
  • Design and paintjob: Tamarit Motorcycles.

We noticed the need of changing one of the less “built-to-last” parts of the Street Twin model: the headlight holder. We encountered an extra setback, since this part holds both the headlight and the speedometer, therefore we were obliged to develop a new part to in order to set the speedometer, which would be available within a pack with our “Four Line” holder, only valid for the Street Twin motorcycle.

The tricky side of the part was not the development, or the complexity of itself, but our corporate philosophy, because every part we manufacture has to follow our rule of thumb: It has to be a “plug and play” part, always set on a default base, and soldering, cutting or drilling shall never be necessary to place the part.

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About the Comeback Special colour, it was inspired by the costumer’s idol, Elvis Presley. So we chose black and gold to recall “The King”, undeniable colours which came with a titanium look, and undefined colour which depending on the light would look silver or gold. Moreover, the speedometer and headlight frames were painted on shiny black, to provide a metal look, something that the genuine parts lacks of, looking like just regular plastic.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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I want a Tamarit bike project.
I want a Tamarit bike project.