Super Lopez Motorcycle


Bonneville T100 Super López’s story.

Believe it or not, the third motorbike modified by tamarit came motivated by the company related to the client as well as the second one. Same way Dani nicknamed his Thruxton “Dalua” because his patisserie,  Antonio Lopez named his bonneville t100 in relation to Pura Lopez, the prestigious footwear brand. Pura Lopez was founded back in 1956, aiming for women’s footwear, subsequently it gained international fame among the footwear commercial scenes. One of the individuals in charge of the Tamarit Crew, Quique, has been dedicated to the footwear manufacture for most of his life, and was through this connection that Quique and Antonio already knew each other.

Tamarit’s hometown, Elche, it’s a city from Alicante known for its footwear industry, which at some point of the end of the 20th century, was a truly continental benchmark of quality.

One of the first requisites that the Bonneville T100 Carb Antonio landed in our hands should include, was a double seat. The same way we designed a new seat for Dalua from scratch, we had to repeat the same process for a new concept of double seat, which had to include apart from the cowl, the regulation tail lights, the plate number bracket and a metallic part that would be placed below the frame and worked as a cover and rear fender.

It was during the creation of this part when the Plug and Play corporate philosophy began to bloom in our thoughts, since we put ourselves in our client shoes, and we thought it would be something wonderful being able to switch between single seat and double seat by only using basic tools and after a few key turnings having your seat ready depending on the ocasion and circumstances. That’s why the huge majority of our parts sold by Tamarit are 100% reversible and apart from a few exceptions, the parts are valid for most of the Triumph Modern Classics range. In case of the Scrambler seat it was designed to be valid for all the Modern Classics range, the Bonnevilles ( specially the bonneville t100), Thruxton and Scrambler.

Apart from the Scrambler seat designed for this project , the other part which design consolidated by the time we were working on Super Lopez, was our first sump guard. This part was named after the bike we were working on that moment, since Super Lopez was the first bonneville t100 to be equipped with this part.

Other parts that complemented the Super Lopez makeover were the front fender “Little Bastard” , a smaller front and rear turning signals, side covers, the british brand Renthal handlebar and the black coloured Bitwell grips. Some details we had to deal with as well were the relocation of the ignition key switch, for which we had to develop a part that worked as a holding bracket, and for the heat isolation of the exhaust system we applied the fiberglass made exhaust wrap. Both parts are currently available on our shop online.


  • Model: Triumph Bonneville (Carb)
  • Year: 2002
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 800 ccc
  • Exhaust: Gringos
  • Headlight: 3/4
  • Handlebar: Renthal
  • Speedometer:
  • Grips: Black Biltwell
  • Seat:  Scrambler
  • Tyres: Metzeler
Bonneville T100
Bonneville T100

Other tasks that the Super Lopez makeover involved were the dismantle of the wheels in order to re-adjust them and the installation of a regulation cross at the front motivated by the relocation of the ignition key switch.

A new project involves making a new design and a new colour combination, without any doubt the most creative but more sensitive part, which a good execution depends most part of the final result of the project.

For Super Lopez we bet for a mixture between shiny and matte colours, combining black and grey separated by a line that goes all along the fiber parts, resulting in a elegant but modern design. On a similar process like Dalua, we created a new logo for Triumph in order to provide Super Lopez a unique and exclusive touch, a trademark present on every motorcycle modified and worked by Tamarit.

During this project, as a curious fact, the Tamarit Crew was reinforced with the entry of a new partner, Matías. This new join would set in motion the internet pressence of Tamarit, so the parts used on our bikes would be available to be sold and sent worlwide.

Bonneville T100
Bonneville T100
Bonneville T100
Bonneville T100

¿Interested in Super Lopez?

This motorcycle is one of the multiple projects that our clients have commissioned us. Tamarit Motorcycles works with 3 project models: the first, the client sends his Triumph Motorcycle to be modified. In the second, the client is responsible to Tamarit both the purchase and the modification of the motorcycle. And finally, the latest project model is to acquire a motorcycle in stock and modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.