Tamarit Motorcycles Story

The story of Tamarit begins, as many other stories, during a conversation at the bar. Taking as starting point an initial set of 6 handmade parts for Triumph Modern Classic models, it’s decided to boost the design and production up to more than 150 accessories, our current catalogue of Triumph Custom Parts. From our first shipments abroad to exporting Triumph Parts on more than 50 countries every year.

We’ve experienced a truly and continuous learning process, since we’ve started all this adventure without any planification and always from the “hobbie” perspective for us. In the end, we love the custom works on Triumph and everything related with custom bikes. That impulse, that passion, born from our motorcycles enthusiasm, has been actually a very difficult ship to balance, because the line between personal and professional life turned out to be eventually very thin. But at the end of the day, we’ve always thought that it totally worth it the effort and that without a glipse of hesitation, this is only the beginning.

This website is the result of a 4 years work, true reflection of what we are nowadays, without forgetting where we come from.

Tamarit Motorcycles first workshop

The first place where the Tamarit activity was developed was pretty rundown to be honest. The roof of that cramped space was patched up with diverse materials and leftovers, some parts were made of wood, and others were made of metal sheets, clearly indicated for the sunny summers of this area, and as you can imagine, such building materials provided a wonderful protection against the humid winters. The floor to step, was barely soil or dirt ground and obviously the place lacked of every assistance structure from a proper workshop, then, the motorcycle frames had to be sustained and lifted by some wooden planks all piled up.

We remember with irony and fondly somehow our first workplace, where all the engines were fired up.

A Time for Change

Usually, in order to have a dream accomplished you only need three things: imagination, constance and resources to carry everything out. Every project that aims to be successful, needs somehow this three triangle corners.

A memory that would remain forever on the Tamarit Motorcycle founders minds is without doubt the first time they passed the gates of 40 Vicente Blasco Ibañez, a central street of the near the coast city of Elche, nowadays the address of the Tamarit Headquarters and Shop bar. What would become someday our showroom and workplace, was initially a florist, which closed by the end of the 90’s and since then, the store remained closed, with the worsening that would cause to the structures.

Graffiti painted doors, indoors close to the ruin-status, from the very first moment that the Tamarit set foot on the local they knew that they would have to strive hard to get the idea that they had in mind. Nevertheless, from the first moment it was clear that the local, due its distribution, height, location and size it was the perfect place and with potential enough to carry out the project without a single problem.

The outcome

With tons of work ahead, a bunch of features were added as well, like the interior design, since a lot of pictures, paintings and canvas were put on the walls, as well as other decoration items such as bicycles, motorcycles, the arcade / jukebox…etc

By writing this lines from our comfy office based in Elche, we only have to say that despite all the road we left behind, the enthusiasm on our job keeps being unscathed.

One way or another, we are still standing on that dirt ground.