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How to buy in Tamarit

Purchasing articles in the Tamarit Motorcycles website is very simple and similar to the rest of online stores.

Our motorcycle parts are sorted mainly attending to the model of bike they are going to be installed on. Thus, you need to know in advance which model and year of Triumph Modern Classic bike you own. Once you have selected the right section, you will glance all available parts that suit that model. Then it is time to navigate between them, assured of their compatibility and safety in terms of installation.

As you may see as you click on one of the articles, many of them include some variations to choose, as the color of the part, the side in which will be fitted, or if you prefer to customize it with your own figures and colors. Nevertheless, a required variation is the one concerning the model of your bike. Once is selected, the button “Add to cart” will be enabled.

So you are now able to add the part to cart, an available section appearing in the right upper side of the screen, in which you will see all the articles you want to buy. From here, you can easily get to the payment of them. The cart, or Checkout, is also intended to give relevant details as the recipient address, contact phone number of the client, email, shipment costs and different methods of payment currently available.

Following the payment of the order, you will receive in the email inbox a number of order and shipment confirmation emails. In these emails you will get informed about the whole process, until the order gets home.

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