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Item description for the Kustom Tech levers and switches:

The Kustom Tech handlebar control set is one of the finest parts to buy regarding this part of the motorcycle.
This set includes the levers, clamps, switches, throttle and brake fluid tank. Such parts could be purchased on chrome finish or black finish. You can also choose between two caliber for the handlebar : 22 and 25 mm.

How to install the Kustom Tech levers and switches?

The Kustom Tech Levers and switches are actually a universal part but because the difficulty of the installation, Tamarit Motorcycles recommends to task this installation only in Bonneville Carb, Bonneville EFI, Bonneville SE, Bonneville Spirit, Thruxton Carb, Thruxton EFI, Scrambler Carb and Scrambler EFI. Other model would require an extra switch system.

Difficulty level: Hard

As mentioned, the installation of this lever and switch set should not be installed by someone without mechanic knowledge. We recommend to leave the bike in charge of a professional workshop, where a mechanic could guarantee the proper installation of this article.

Materials employed on Kustom Tech levers and switches:

The Kustom Tech levers are top class of their parts range. Materials used on these ones are high quality stainless steel.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Kustom Tech levers and switches?

Ruby, D. Franklin, Stalker y Speedster.

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