Leather Bag

Item description:

The Leather bag by Tamarit measures 35×30 cm and is valid for new generation models (2016 – ), Bonneville and Street range.

ATENTION PLEASE: In order to install the leather bag bracket on this models, you may have previously installed the Rear fender eliminator or the Ibiza Seat

How to install it?

Installing the leather bah is very easy, you just have to set the bracket on the left side of the motorcycle, using the anchor points ready for them, located behind the footrest and on the upper screw of the shock absorber.

Materials employed:

The Tamarit bag is 100% leather handmade, and the brackets are made of 3mm thick iron.

Which Tamarit motorcycles includes the Leather bag?

D.Franklin, Matricer and Titán.

¿Any questions about the Leather bag?

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