Thruxton Café Racer

Triumph Thruxton Café Racer

All our motorcycle projects are based on Modern Classics from the British brand Triumph. This is our custom transformed bikes catalog for our clients from different origins. 

Triumph Thruxton Café Racer project

The modern classic model from the british brand Triumph Thruxton is probably one of the most emblematic motorcycles on Earth when it comes to carry out a custom makeover taking this motorcycle has a donor bike. Thanks to his huge capacity and the wide range of valid parts that Tamarit Motorcycles provides, you will be able to transform your Triumph Thruxton into the predefined style desired (such as the breaking Dirt Track, the comfy Brat Style, stylish Cafe Racers or aggressive Scramblers) or simply to create a unique motorcycle just by using the ideas that you bring to the table. As long as they are parts valid for your Triumph Thruxton Café Racer, you won’t have any problem! Triumph Thruxton were released during these recent years through two generations of mass producted motorcycles : the Triumph Thruxton with the air cooled systemm such as the Thruxton 900 model, and from 2016 and now one the british motorcycle brand released a new edition of the sports modern classic adding as well several improvements regarding engine and performance, resulting in a bike perfect to transform on an exlusive way with the several parts that dramatically modifies your Triumph Thruxton looks. Until now, several clients have brought to the Tamarit Motorcycles workshop their Triumph Thruxton in order to transform them according to their tastes intro a Triumph Thruxton Café Racer.

Triumph Thruxton Café Racer style

That’s why one of the main styles on this kind of makeovers is the always present Café Racer. A Triumph Thruxton Café Racer provides you an boost of style and presence that only a few motorcycles would be able to flash. The most characteristic features of a Cafe Racer Triumph Thruxton are the stylized seat and cowl and the riding position that provides the clip-ons, as well as many other nice aditions such as the new design chain cover or the headlight grill, both made of stainless steel. You can complete the transformation of your Cafe Racer Thruxton with the inclusion of the custom side covers, or the front fender replacement for an smaller part and less showy. In Tamarit Motorcycles a Triumph Thruxton Café Racer is always good news, always an omen for a great project. Bikes like Sombra or Mr.Kevin are a great example, where key importance parts such as the handmade soldered exhausts or the Café Racer cowl Mónaco / Jarama (handmade as well) carry out a crucial role to play on the aesthetics of the motorcycle in general.

Triumph Thruxton Café Racer at Tamarit

Another area which is great to be modified by the Tamarit Motorcycles parts at the Café Racer Triumph Thruxton is the sump down side, where Tamarit propose several ideas for both generations, the air cooled and the liquid cooled. These parts are the Hummer Sump guard or the re-desgined belly pan “The Son” for old generation motorcycles, and the best selling Tamarit belly pan and stainless steel made sump guard for liquid cooled generations, which was included on the first project ever based on a new Triumph Thruxton. About the paint works of the Cafe Racer Triumph Thruxton, obviously is the client the one who chooses the desired design and colours, in such a way that the bike is made completely under the client guidelines. Café Racer Triumph Thruxton doesn’t have a predefined colour scheme, more like it, a bike like a Café Racer Triumph Thruxton receives very well any combination that our client may prefer. Despite almost every client of ours who own a Triumph Thruxton chooses a combination based on the grey colour, fresh and shiny colours like the Hawkers One or the elegant darck choice of Sombra deserves a mention.

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