Triumph Thruxton Motorcycle Customizer

Tamarit’s motorcycle customizer allows the user to modify one of the most iconic model of the British brand in a very interactive and fast way.

When using the online motorcycle customizer, you start with a basic Triumph Thruxton and, by adding our parts and accessories, you get a completely unique and personalized motorcycle.

What is a Motorcycle Customizer?

The motorcycle customizer that we have developed, is an online tool that allows to select a very specific model and change its characteristic in a very easy and quick way. You can change the color, the parts and select accessories from a wide catalog.

With the online motorcycle customizer, you can see every change and modification made on the motorcycle instantly, in a simple way.


How does the Motorcycle Customizer Works?

The motorcycle customizer is really intuitive and very easy to use; you only have to follow a series of steps in order to get an exclusive Triumph Thruxton:

  1. First, you choose the motorcycle model you want to modify.
  2. Then, you can select the color of the bike and the parts, according to the available colors of every model.
  3. On a third step, you star adding the parts, beginning on the back and moving on to the front of the bike. You can select even the smallest details to see how they would look on the motorcycle.
  4. Finally, you get to see every part and accessory you choose on the bike and decide if the end product is what you were looking at the beginning. If you are not happy with the way the motorcycle looks, you can modify and eliminate each part you don’t like.


Available parts on the Motorcycle Customizer

On Tamarit Motorcycles we have more than 150 parts and accessories, created specifically for the Triumph Modern Classics models. Once you choose a motorcycle model on the motorcycle customizer, those 150 parts are reduced to only those that fit on the selected model.

All the parts that can be painted will have the same color selected in the beginning. The available colors are the same as the original Triumph RAL colors.


Reasons to use the Motorcycle Customizer

All the ideas you have to modify your bike can look very different in real life. That is why the online motorcycle customizer can be a great tool to see every little change you want to make.

The main goal of the motorcycle customizer, is helping us see how a specific part or accessory would look on our bike, and also give the user the ability to instantly delete everything that does not fit.

With the motorcycle customizer you avoid expensive (and sometimes permanent) modifications at the garage.