In Tamarit Motorcycles, the Triumph CafΓ© Racer style is undoubtedly our obsession, the most inspiring for us and the style that has influenced a huge part of our motorcycles as well as our parts catalog. Due its great demand, we’ve included CafΓ© Racer style parts on every model and generations of Modern Classics we deal with. This kind of motorcycle is experiencing a new comeback among all-age users. Every person with the intention of buying a CafΓ© Racer motorcycle always takes into account the Triumph Modern Classics, the best option available to this kind of projects, being able to perfectly capture the essence of the style.

Most of the Tamarit projects are made under client request, so most of the time we follow the ideas and desires of what our clients want in order to shape the project. Nevertheless, our projects based on Triumph Cafe Racers keep great part of the style created back then, thanks to parts and accessories as the clip-ons, the cowls (for old and new generation) or the low cone-shaped exhausts. Obviously the options and possibilities are almost infinite, and the limits are only set by our imagination, that’s why in Tamarit we love to say that we’ll never make two equal projects, given that they always would difere for something. That eagerness of the young generation during the 50’s and 60’s for tuning their motorcycles has been a truly inspiration for us, who love the sense of exclusivity and being able to express our lifestyle and feelings on something as cool as a classic motorcycle.

Cafe Racer makeovers made by Tamarit have become in all kind of projects and ideas, from sober beings as Babieca and The Son, to truly aesthetic bombs such as Black Moustache, Mr Kevin or Dakota.

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