Triumph Bonneville T100

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is probably the most popular motorcycle among our clients, thanks to its versatility and polivalence. Our Triumph Bonneville parts catalogue allows to modify this bike into your favourite style that you may prefer for your Triumph Bonneville T100 modern classic. This is our Triumph Bonneville T100 bikes catalogue, these have been transformed and delivered to clients from different nationalities: Spain, Italy, France, United States. All our bike projects are based on Modern Classics manufactured by the British brand Triumph.

Triumph Bonneville T100

The concept for dinasty and identity turned into a bike.

Triumph Bonneville T100 is probably the most iconic model not only from the well-known British brand but the classic motorbike world in general. The Triumph Bonneville’s timeless identity and its recognizable shape have achieved a genuine spot in the podium of the most famous bikes in the history.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Triumph Bonneville T100 can relate to two main models of bikes:

Bonneville T100 (2008-2016): Also known as Triumph Bonneville EFI, it was the substitute bike in the same range for the Carb model. Among other improvements, this bike included a capacity increase and the electronic fuel injection.

Bonneville T100 (2016-now): This was one of the models which welcomed the new generation of liquid-cooled bikes. It is the younger sibling of the Triumph Bonneville T120, and includes a great number of electronic and performance enhances in respect of the previous generation.

Guildford, a Bonneville EFI (2009) by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Specs

(2008 – 2016)

Main Features:

This bike is a discontinued model that was produced until 2016. It worked with gas and can be ridden with the A2 license if limited, or an A with the basic setup.


This bike’s engine is air-cooled and has a capacity of 865T, for a maximum power of 68 HP.

Suspension and brake systems:

The bike is equipped with simple forks in the front and a double shock absorber with adjustable preload in the rear. Brakes in both sides consist in a disc with two caliper pistons on each.

Sizes and mileage:

This Bonneville has a length of 2.230 mm and a width of 840 mm. Its highest point is 1.100 mm from the ground and the wheelbase is 1.500 mm. Its total weight is 205 kg and features a fuel deposit of 16 liters.

(2016- now)

Main Features:

The new version of Bonneville is being produced since 2016 and you will be able to ride it with the A driving license. Its environmental regulation policy is EURO4.


The engine of this new version consist in a four-stroke twin-cylinder and 900 cc water-cooled. It gives an output of 55 HP at 5.900 rpm.

Suspension and brake systems:

The suspension in the front park is a Kabaya fork with a diameter of 41mm, while at the rear we have a double shock absorber with preload. The bike is equipped with two Nissin disc brakes with two floating pistons on each.

Sizes and mileage:

The new version of Bonneville is slightly smaller than the previous one and measures 2.090 mm of length and 785 mm of width. The highest point of the bike is at 1.114 mm and the wheelbase is 1.439 mm. Its weight is 198 kg and the fuel deposit has a capacity of 14 liters.

Styles for Triumph Bonneville T100

There exist several styles fit for a Triumph Bonneville T100:

Bonneville Brat Style: This build has been made thinking about people who loves urban bikes with comfy riding. Everything has been planned for the convenience of a pleasant city riding and also for mid distances.

Bonneville Scrambler: In this style, the bike is prepared for riding literally wherever the owner wants to, turning the Bonnie into an all-terrain which knows no borders. With tough suspensions and bulky fenders as distinguish marks, it also stands out by its iconic raised exhausts.

Bonneville Café Racer: Café Racer and Triumph Bonneville have gone together since the conception of both ideas. The whole aesthetics of the classic style par excellence can be perfectly embedded in this bike, from its stylized single-seater cowl to front fairings and signature belly pans.

Bonneville Dirt Track: The radical bikes, practically unseen in this part of the world. Firstly conceived to drift over and over in oval dirt track circuits, nowadays they can be an exclusive piece with which nobody would remain indifferent.