Triumph Bonneville T120

Triumph Bonneville T120 is probably the motorcycle from the new generation most usual among our clients, thanks to its polyvalent features and versatility. Our parts catalogue for Bonneville T120 allows to modify this bike into many styles that the client may desire. These are all our projects based on a Triumph Bonneville T120 so far, transformed and delivered to clients from all around the world. We truly believe in specialization, so every project made by us is based on a Triumph Modern Classic.

Triumph Bonneville T120

The New and the Old. Bonneville merges best of both worlds into her perfect balance.

Triumph Bonneville T120 is one of the flagship bikes of this new generation of Triumph modern classics. A whole half-century tradition merges in this model, which treasures the balance whereby old meets modern. The result is a bike above all versatile, combining a clearly classic aesthetics with a new generation performance, brought by decades of enhancements and experience.

Triumph Bonneville T120 specs

Main Features:

To ride the T120 you will need the A Driving License. The Triumph Bonneville T120 was firstly produced in 2016 and imported to our country by Triumph Spain.

This model has two variants regarding engine colour. The Bonneville T120 includes the regular engine with the steel finish. On the other hand, there is the Bonneville T120 Black which comes with the whole engine coated in black, changing significantly the looks of the motorcycle.


The bike features a 1200T water-cooled engine, which outputs 80 HP. It is tied to the EURO4 policy and obviously feed by gas.

Suspension and brakes:

In the front, this bike is equipped with a Kabaya telescopic fork with a diameter of 41mm, and in the rear there is a double steel shaft with preload regulation. Regarding the brakes, this Bonneville is fitted in both sides with two floating Nissin with ABS system.

Sizes and range:

The bike has a length of 2.170 mm and a width of 785mm, with the peak at a height of 1.125 from the ground. It has a weight of 224 kg and a fuel tank with 14,5 liters of capacity.

Bonneville T120

Bonneville T120 Black

Triumph Bonneville T120 styles

The range of styles to be applied on a custom Bonneville T120 is huge, and with Tamarit Motorcycles you will be able to tailor this bike with your personal touch, adapted to your taste and criterion.

The Bonneville Brat Style is the most popular style among the Tamarit customers in possession of this bike – a style devoted to city riding in a day-to-day use. However, the always recurrent Café Racer, with its completely classic aesthetics, is a style to really keep in mind and should not be forgotten in your final choice.

If, in the other hand, you want a Bonneville for off-road riding, there exist more appropriate alternatives: one of them is build your Bonnie into a Bonneville Scrambler, empowering it with an all-terrain identity, ideal for a comfy riding no matter the surface…