Tamarit Configurator for Triumph

¿Have you ever dreamed about how the perfect Modern Classic bike would be? We make it easy for you in Tamarit Motorcycles: Just choose the engine model you want and add the compatible parts in our Triumph Configurator, so it will be transformed into a Tamarit bike.

In this interactive tool you will be able to do and undo at your leisure. It is useful whether you want to instantly check how certain accessories (among more than 150 in stock) look in the bike, or the aesthetic as a result of the combination. All the parts for Triumph that you choose are also suitable to be added to the cart with a single click, and you also have the chance of sharing the Triumph makeover in social networks.


How to customize your Tamarit bike online

The Triumph configurator of Tamarit is really intuitive and easy to use; you only have to follow these steps:

1- First, you have to select the model you want to modify: Thruxton, Bonneville or Street Twin.

2- Then, you have to choose the color for the bike. The colors available are the original from the British brand. Once you select a color on the customizer, each one of the parts (suitable to be painted) will match that color.

3- On a third step, select the parts compatible with the chosen model. The motorcycle online builder starts with the parts that go on the back of the motorcycle and then moves towards the front. Once you choose a model on the virtual motorcycle customizer, the parts you will see on the screen are the ones compatible with that model. This way, we avoid the use of some parts that latter may not fit on the bike.

4- Finally, you get to see the end product. You can always change each part and accessory if it does not work with the rest of the bike.


Tamarit makeover of Triumph bike: A very vivid dream

Our bikes are unique in the world, and now, for the first time, Tamarit Motorcycle brings you the chance of watching in advance and online how your bike would look like.