Seat description:

The Tamarit Triumph Bobber seat measures 45x18x14. It is compatible with Triumph Bobber and Triumph Bobber Black models. The part consists of the tail and seat upholstered in nautical material. The seat is available in Triumph RAL colors since the launch of the Triumph Bobber, or in fiberglass finish if you prefer unpainted. For the upholstered seat, it is also available in black or brown.

Painted part order would take around 15 working days to be delivered.

*Not valid for Bobber 2021 model.

How to install it?

All our seats are ready to install because they use the same anchors as the original models. Just remove the original seat from the bike and install the Bobber seat, with no added difficulty.

Difficulty level: easy


Materials Involved:

As the rest of the products made by Tamarit, the Bobber seat consists of the best materials available on the market. The Bobber seat is made of fiberglass, polyurethane and nautic fabric. All these materials are weatherproof.


Which Tamarit Motorcycle includes the Bobber seat?


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