About the Triumph Bonneville led headlight 

The Triumph Bonneville led headlight has a simple and elegant design that helps improve the visibility on the road even on the most complicated climate conditions. It is made by the best professionals, using high-quality materials, and the latest technology.

The Bonneville is a modern classic made by Triumph, this model has been around for seventy years and its great versatility has made it one of the favorites even after all of these years. Upgrading the old stock headlights seems like a good place to start personalizing this classic.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville led headlight:

Some of the designs of the Bonneville led headlight are smaller than the original ones made by the British brand, making them perfect for a personalized speedometer or fairing setting. Even if they are smaller, they are compatible with all Bonneville models.

The powerful led light is secured by a highly resistant cover, to protect it against any small object that can scratch it on the road. Some of the headlights designs also include a grill. 

We always try to make the parts as easy to install as possible. To place the led headlight Triumph Bonneville, you will have to relocate the electronic regulator, for this reason we highly recommend that the person installing the headlight is a professional or has some electronics or mechanics knowledge. 

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How do we ship the headlights?

We want to share our parts and accessories with every motorcycle lover. We ship all our products internationally.

The delivery process takes from 72 hours, up to a maximum of 15 days, in the last case the time period is longer when a part or accessory needs a personalization process like painting. Whether we ship at locally or across the ocean, the order is packaged safely so it arrives to its destination without a scratch. Contact our team if you have any question about the headlights or about the shipping process.

Contact our team

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