All about the Triumph Bonneville t120 led headlight 

The design of the Triumph Bonneville t120 led headlight is simple and functional, guaranteeing a clear view even on the most complicated roads. They are made by de best professionals and using the latest technology.

Among Triumph enthusiasts, the Bonneville is one of the most popular motorcycles. With a history of more than half a century, this modern classic has managed to stay relevant even today. Not only that, but the T120 is also one of the most requested models among our clients. Replacing the old stock headlight for these new ones is a great way to start modifying this traditional motorcycle. Feel free to browse our finished projects with the Bonnie to see how the headlights look on different styles.

Features of these headlights:

When creating a new product, we always try to make the installation process as easy as possible, this way you can change the original stock part for the new one without complications. However, to place the Triumph Bonneville t120 led headlight you will have to relocate the electric regulator, which can complicate the installation process. We recommend that someone with mechanics and electronics knowledge makes the installation or going to a professional garage to make sure everything works correctly.

The headlights made for the T120 are slightly smaller than the original ones, this makes them the perfect companion to customized gauges or fairings. The led light is protected by a resistant material to cover it from any small object it can encounter on the road. Besides this, all headlights have a two-year warranty in case you notice any problem.

For the exact measures, the tools needed for the installation, and a more detailed description, go to each product page on the website.

How do we ship our products?

We team up with well-known brands in the motorcycle world, brands that innovate and create resistant parts that will stay with the motorcycle for years, improving performance and creating a new style.

Our delivery times depend on the part itself, if it needs to be painted, the shipping time is up to 15 days, but if it does not, it is only 72 hours, from the moment the order is placed. The orders are well secured so they arrive to their destinations without a scratch. Contact our team if you have any questions about the shipping process or the return policy.