Portabolsa de aluminio con frontal de cuero ajustable, enganche rápido y marco U085+U000+1011SX - Black

Portabolsa de aluminio con frontal de cuero ajustable, enganche rápido y marco U085+U000+1011SX

Reference: U085BL+U000+1011SX

Aluminum bag holder with adjustable leather front, quick hitch and left frame. Anodized aluminum bag holder plate with adjustable leather front. Quickly attaches to our bag carrier frames with the quick release system code U000 already included and mounted on the back of the plate, which is equipped with a lock to lock into the frame itself. The plate creates a flat mounting surface on the side of the bike, this will allow the transport of loose bags or other objects, such as sleeping bags, jackets, etc. The front flap, with attention to the smallest details with 3 mm leather finishes, can be adjusted with the supplied sliders and can be removed very quickly from the plate.

Left frame made of steel treated with matte black finish with episodic powders. It is mounted on the left side of the bike. Designed for the Triumph, it integrates perfectly with the rest of the bike. Ready to house our quick, beautiful and minimal attachment system even when the bag is not mounted. Comes complete with screws and can be easily mounted on the bike in its original configuration with or without passenger frame. Our accessories are designed to be compatible with each other, except in the exceptional cases indicated in the product sheets. It can be used comfortably with the passenger on board.

Height 25 cm, extendable in height up to 50 cm, width 25 cm, extendable up to 40 cm Depth 5 - 25 cm / Capacity: 10L - 20L / Weight: 1.9 kg

NB: Compatible with models: T100 Bonneville (2017 and onwards) and T120 Bonneville (2016 and onwards)


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