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Item description:

The Hagon Classic 2 are made of mirror-polished stainless steel, you can choose the spring to be chromed or black, bulky or narrow. The springs used are made of progressive construction.

The pre-load of the spring is adjustable by a rotary switch, for which we provide a wrench, three different settings.

The Hagon Classic 2 includes oil and a nitrogen charge inside. The hydraulic control, both in compresion or expanding back, is adjusted depending on the setings.

The Hagon shock absorbers could be ordered made to measure of the client. In other words, if the regular driver weights more than 100 kg or the total weight both the driver and the passenger is more than 180 kg is recommendable the use of a reinforced shock absorber. Not only you get a spring with a bigger capacity, but also you install an hydraulic made to improve the performance of the motorcycle.

How to install the Hagon Shock absorbers

The Hagon shock absorbers are easy to install but, we recommend to bring the motorcycle to a workshop if the client doesn’t have enough knowledge of motorcycle mechanics. The shock absorbers would be delivered pre-adjusted according to the riders characteristics.

You may need the following tools:
– 12 and 13 mm wrench.

Which Tamarit Motorcycle includes the Hagon Classic shock absorbers?


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