Installation of parts for Thruxton EFI

A foundational premise with which we work at Tamarit is that our parts have to be accessible for all those classic motorcycles lovers with a strong desire for them. That is why all our accessories are plug-and-play, which means that in most cases can be easily installed at home, with no need for a stop at the workshop. So the bikers do not have to immerse themselves into intricate mechanics concepts. Instead, the mere use o a few tools will make the day.

As the parts use the same anchor points of the factory model, this task will become easy to the point that, in some cases, a slight manual pressure in the right point will be enough to plug them.


Thruxton EFI accessories

We strive day by day in achieving that golden mean pursued by the Ancient Greece, but adding the aggressive and rebel touch that our times demand: a sharp own personality that proves in the road its balance between aesthetic, functionality and ergonomics.

All our catalog of parts for Triumph EFI, constantly fed with new releases, has been designed side-by-side with top-tier mechanics specialists and engineers. This allows us to assure a maximum quality in our fittings and also in the benefits they offer.

The accessories, manufactured with the most precious materials in the market, are offered in a wide range of colors, and are completely adapted to this model of bike. Besides, in a few cases, as in the side covers, they can be sent fully customized for the client.

All the parts made of steel included in our catalog feature a lifetime warranty. At the same time, the rest of the accessories are attached to a two-year damage coverage at cost price.