Triumph Thruxton 900cc

Triumph Thruxton 900cc

Triumph Thruxton 900 cc based projects list by Tamarit Motorcycles.
All our motorcycle projects are based on Modern Classics from the British brand Triumph. This is our custom transformed bikes catalog for our clients from different origins. 

Custom Triumph Thruxton 900cc

Triumph Thruxton 900cc
is an iconic motorcycle among the modern classic bike collective. Along with the Bonnevilles, the Thruxton became a icon of a culture during the last century that still is kicking today. Well balanced and focused on road riding, Triumph Thruxton 900cc is the perfect definition of a classic sport bike, designed to run swiftly over the asphalt without loosing a single ounce of class and style. In Tamarit Motorcycles, the Triumph Thruxton 900 is one of the most popular modern classic models made by Triumph. Along with the omnipresent Bonnevilles, the Thruxtons are a regular appearance at our workshop to join the ranks of our custom made projects according to our client’s desires. 

Triumph Thruxton 900cc project

Probably the most Triumph Thruxton 900cc we have in our jacket is the project known as Mr. Kevin. This was the first Thruxton we made under no guidelines and we wanted to do something truly mould-breaking by adding some unexpexted features and mixing them alltogether. Some people see this mixture of elements as a flaw of our projects but, honestly we see them as a great thing since we always want in our project that feeling of freedom, and there’s no freedom if we keep ourselves always inside a pattern. 

Among our unique and exclusive projects you may find examples clearly oriented to the Café Racer classic cannon, like Sombra or Black Moustache. Nevertheless, Tamarit loves to explore beyond the classic frontiers, specially during the projects to sell directly when they’re finished, which stand out because of their colouring and its clear intention to break the standards. We take advantadge of new ideas and Triumph Modern Classics models in order to keep developing parts and accessories for our clients, who finally some of them would be knocking our door to get a full project made by Tamarit Motorcycles. 

Triumph Thruxton 900 custom by Tamarit

Those Triumph Custom projects are always 100% custom and we adapt to every kind of client and request, also, the client who trust his bike to Tamarit Motorcycle has our guarantee that he will obtain in return a unique and one-off a kind motorcycle.

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