About us

Tamarit Motorcycles story begins, as many others, at a friend’s chat in a bar. Starting with an initial 6 handcrafted parts set for Triumph Modern Classic models, it’s decided to increase significantly the production and design, to the more than 150 parts catalog we deal with nowadays. From our first deliveries abroad, to exporting parts to more than 50 countries yearly, we’ve experienced a truly ongoing learning, since we began this project without prior planning and always taking it as a pastime for us.

The impulse, the passion, born from our enthusiasm in motorcycles, were things pretty hard to balance because the line between work and personal life harshly thinned out of the blue, but at the end of the day, completely worth it for us and we think this is only the beginning.

This website is the result of a 4 years work, true reflection of what we are nowadays, without forgetting where we come from.

Eloy, Matías and Quique
(Tamarit Motorcycles founding members)