Carlota Motorcycle


Carlota’s story:

Tamarit Motorcycles uses from time to time to acquire on its own a Modern Classic Triumph motorcycle in order to transform it to our liking. And saying this we don’t want to devaluate our clients, since they are the true engine and what it makes the whole thing in motion. Nevertheless, after a bunch of projects with “restrained” as a keyword and always painting the motorcycle in matt black to put it another way, the Tamarit Crew gets hungry for another mischief, looking for a bike that could act as donor motorcycle and to carry out a project without following any rule but our pure inspiration and creativity.  

Even though some of our clients give us some licenses when it comes to create some details of the project apart from the concept or main colour, the “total freedom” only is achieved by starting these kind of projects, which are famous for their risky features and overall for transmitting a look that no one would ignore. Projects as the classy Neptuno, the polemic Ronin, the law-breaking Mr. Kevin and the rogue Superstar were born from pure and frantic creativity at the Tamarit Motorcycles workshop.

Despite we knew that the bike to work with would be in the end labeled as a Café Racer, we wanted two main features on this project: to take some risks at details and to update the nose fairing for the new generation Triumph (just like the one that appear on Yunque Project, which was only a prototype) , as we did previously on our Matricer project by introducing our Dakar Front Mask. We had the classic style of D Franklin as an starting point, but adding as well some sporty details, like a fusion between the D Franklin, Babieca and Sombra projects. The motorcycle chosen for the Carlota project was a New Generation Bonneville T120, the fourth actually to enter our workshop, after Muralla, Matricer and the twin project known as Yunque. The first move was to cover the engine covers on a brass finish, and that brass tone lead us to the main colour, which was a classic beige, a colour that most of us would remember featured on classic cars when we were kids.

Another source of inspiration somehow, was a tv commercial by Chanel, where a stunning Ducati appears painted in a similar colour.

Tamarit Motorcycles has a catalogue ready to equip a Bonnie T120 no matter the concept would be, so the parts to install were numerous.

At the front, the most noticeable feature is the nose fairing previously mentioned, which is possible to install along the headlight grill thanks to our Six Holes bracket. An obvious inclusion was the shortened front fender and the Clubman handlebar to keep the bike tidy and classy. At the rear all the attention goes obviously to the Jerez cowl, which combined with a 37 cm shock absorbers and the twin Thor exhausts, creates a rear full of personality. On the sides we can find the side covers for the new generation Bonnevilles known as Muralla, and a little heritage from our beloved D FRANKLIN project: the tank knee pads matching with the seat fabric.

Carlota’s Specifications:

  • Model: Bonneville
  • Year: 2016
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 1200
  • Exhausts: Thor
  • Grip: TMRT leather handmade
  • Seat: Jerez
  • Tyres: Heidenau

The unveiling of this project was held on a date very special for Tamarit Motorcycles : the re – opening of our Bar, which has been closed for months due reasons completely beyond our control. A great night that friends and kin didn’t miss, so the roaring of the modern motorcycles in front of our local. Thank you very much for coming.

The Carlota project is currently on sale, if you follow os on social media and you haven’t seen the owner of this motorcycle yet, well… it’s your lucky day!

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This motorcycle is one of the multiple projects that our clients have commissioned us. Tamarit Motorcycles works with 3 project models: the first, the client sends his Triumph Motorcycle to be modified. In the second, the client is responsible to Tamarit both the purchase and the modification of the motorcycle. And finally, the latest project model is to acquire a motorcycle in stock and modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.