Niza Motorcycle


Niza’s story:

Since Tamarit Motorcycles installed on the website the “I want a project” section, we’ve noticed that the messages requesting contact and info with our project department are made mainly during the weekends. Human beings are definitely cut out by some kind of pattern of behaviour, same pattern could be applied on our stuff, because it seems that our clients like to think about how could it be their dream bike during the last days of the week.

That’s why each monday we recover a lot of requests (some of them more extensive than others) asking about making a project with Tamarit Motorcycles. Most of the requests are nosy people who even without a bike want to know “how much” would cost to get one of the precious Tamarit creations, nevertheless there is a tiny percent of people who is genuinely interested on working with us. Despite the vast majority of the messages doesn’t hide a potential client (most of them decline the offer due lack of budget, because they thought about other donor bike or even it’s some of the competition who wants to pry into our prices and methods), the client who ordered the motorcycle whose story you’re reading came to us like one of these failed attempts.

Adriano came to us during a regular monday as said, as any other client interested leaving his phone number in order to call him back and to explain our works and ways, the three possible models of project: Client who has already a bike and leave it at the workshop for a custom makeover, client who doens’t have a bike and tasks to Tamarit Motorcycles the purchase and makeover, and finally the client who buys directly a custom project already finished and designed by Tamarit Motorcycles own preferences. Some time later, Adriano decided to order a motorcycle to Tamarit and make the key called to make our workshop to battle stations. The client had clear two main lines of the project, the motorcycle had to be powered down (his wife without a license was riding the bike as well) and the style would have to be an Scrambler styled bike.

Niza’s specifications:

  • Model: Bonneville 
  • Year: 2010
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 800
  • Exhausts: Papillon
  • Handlebar: Renthal
  • Seat: Tramontana
  • Tyres: Continental 
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles:  Side covers, Papillon Exhausts, Fender eliminator kit, exhaust wrap, Tramontana Seat, Chaincover, Footrests, Grand Bastard, Leather bag, Sump Guard
  • Paint and design: Tamarit Motorcycles.

Tamarit team put all hands on deck and sent to Adriano the usual pack of designs just created for him. TMRT have had all kinds of clients, people who took weeks to decide which colour and design would be the chosen one, after dozens of sketches sent. Totally understandable thing, since is pretty difficult to make a choice when there’s basically no limits on colours, designs or ideas, it’s definitely normal to hesitate. The one who did not hesitate was Niza’s owner, who fell in love with the first sketches we sent to him, we really hit the nail on the head.

Despite his initial idea was a truly dark bike, even black, it’s curious to see the final result, a complete nemesis from what he wanted initially. Luckily for us, Adriano was very open-minded and wanted to hear all kind of advice and council. The bike style as said, had to be a pure Scrambler, staying away from all the street trackers, Brat Styles or Café Racers.

With such defined lines of work by our client, it was pretty easy to choose among the Tamarit Catalogue the parts to install on this project.

A powerful Continental TKC80 with our front fender Grand Bastard, a cross Renthal handlebar and the headlight bracket Four Line with the Grill would be the elements to ornament the front part of the motorcycle. The Papillon exhausts would clearly steal the show at the rear part, since they are already a classic on almost every Scrambler creation by Tamarit, these exhausts are truly a soft spot at our workshop.

The sides would be equipped by custom side covers and the only “no Scrambler” license that this project would have is the absence of a typical scrambler seat, because the one to be installed was our new seat pack “Tramuntana” which will be available at our shop online very soon.

Other parts that completed the project were regular appearances at the show such as the chaincover, turning signals, fender eliminator kit, sumpguard…

After almost three bikes on a row that had to be delivered in Madrid to our clients (Titán, Dakota and Guildford), this time luckily for us we had to stop halfway and Niza was delivered to Adriano in Albacete, his hometown. Great news for us, not only because the mileage, but also because it would be the first motorcycle built by us to be delivered at the lands of Castilla La Mancha.

¿Interested in Niza?

This motorcycle is one of the multiple projects that our clients have commissioned us. Tamarit Motorcycles works with 3 project models: the first, the client sends his Triumph Motorcycle to be modified. In the second, the client is responsible to Tamarit both the purchase and the modification of the motorcycle. And finally, the latest project model is to acquire a motorcycle in stock and modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.