Bobber Style

Custom philosophy

Bobber or bob-job motorcycles are a specific type of custom model in which all so-called superfluous parts are eliminated to reduce weight. These custom motorcycles are often promoted as the purest form of motorcycling, big names such as Triumph, have been associated with these hardtail style models.

What is a Bobber Style motorcycle?

War inspiration

The Bobber style originally came from an early type of American customer motorcycles commonly called "Cut Down". These stripped-down models almost always lack front fenders and often have what is known as an abbreviated rear end.

But how did the idea come about? It is said that American soldiers returning from World War II wanted motorcycles with the same maneuverability as those they had ridden at the front.

For this reason, most Bobber Style motorcycles were built in-house until the late 1990s, when they finally began to be produced commercially.

origen motores bobber

Bobber Style, origin

Simply lovely

As previously mentioned, Bobber Style motorcycles originated in the United States of America and consist of a lighter-than-average motorcycle capable of gaining speed quickly and being handled with ease.

A quick glance at any new Bobber Style motorcycle is enough to realize that these two-wheelers are somewhat simple yet sleek in design. They have high handlebars and a triangular single seat, and their open and trimmed exhaust pipes create a noise of their own on acceleration.

Their wheels are also iconic in style. Traditionally speaking, they are quite separate and are equal in diameter. They are also often known for having lightning radios and thicker than average tires.


Conversions Bobber Style

At a glance, custom

New Bobber Style motorcycles are usually recognized by their peanut-shaped engines and matt paintwork. In other words, the chrome plating is often removed in order to make it easier to customize certain features of the motorcycle at a later date.

However, the discerning features by no means end there. By way of example, everyday Bobber Style tires are white painted on the sides. However, this particular feature has become somewhat variable in recent years.

You could go as far as to say that custom Bobber Style motorcycles have a minimalist-like style which resonates with many modern riders. This would go some way as to explain the increase in their popularity.


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