Bonneville Scrambler

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Custom

The modern classic model from the british brand Triumph Bonneville is probably one of the most versatile motorcycles on Earth when it comes to carry out a custom makeover taking this motorcycle has a donor bike. Thanks to the wide range of parts that provides Tamarit Motorcycles you will be able to transform your Triumph Bonneville into the predefined style desired (such as the breaking Dirt Track, the comfy Brat Style, stylish Cafe Racers or aggressive Scramblers) or simply to create a unique motorcycle just by using the ideas that you bring to the table.

The Triumph Bonneville Scrambler is probably the most aggressive style to be requested by the clients who come to us on a Triumph Bonneville, doesn’t matter if they come with an air-cooled od generation or a liquid cooled . A Triumph Bonneville scrambler provides you an boost of comfort and multipurpose essence that only a few motorcycles would be able to flash, being a motorcycle valid for every kind of terrain, but specially designed for rough transits on every kind of surface. The most characteristic features of a Scrambler style Triumph Bonneville are their wide and comfortable handlebar and their higher than normal height, thanks to the special shock absorber settings. You can complete the transformation of your Bonneville Scrambler with the inclusion of a big front fender , or the inclusion of the stunning Scrambler seat, present on every Scrambler project made by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Bonneville Custom Scrambler Project

Here in Tamarit Motorcycles we love to work with a Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, because it ensures you a project different and out of the common cannons imposed by more rigid styles such as the Brat or Café Racer. Projects like Ronin, Santa María or Carmela are pure scrambler projects despite they’re not made on a Triumph Scrambler, where key importance parts such as the handmade exhausts installed on the high part of the right side of the motorcycle carry out a crucial role to play on the aesthetics of the motorcycle in general.

About the paint works of the Dirt Track Triumph Bonneville, obviously is the client the one who chooses the desired design and colours, in such a way that the bike is made completely under the client guidelines.

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