Brown Leather Boots

The Camel Leather Boots designed by Tamarit belongs to our clothing line. They are made of 100%  high quality leather.

All our articles are handmade through a fair trade in Spain.

Care tips: 

· We recommend to apply protection products on the suede and leather before use.

· A buckskin brush will help to preserve as new the suede and fluff.

· In case your shoes get wet, cover them up with newspaper and dry them naturally, away from any heat source. That would prevent the fabric from cracking and drying up.

· If they get dirty, let them dry and remove the stains with a clean brursh or rag.


Ref: TMRTS142


Brown leather booty shoes

High quality materials and manufactured in Spain.

Its casual style is steeped in the culture of surfing, skateboarding and bikes, making each booty shoe is simply brutal. TMRT is more than a brand, clothing and bikes with a unique style culture.


Ref: TMRTZ22

 packaging ropa




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