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Triumph Custom Projects:


The custom project with Tamarit Motorcyles has 3 possible variants: the first one, in case you have a Modern Classic Triumph compatible with our parts range ( Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, Street Twin ) , you would only have to leave your bike in our hands and tell us about the main guides for the makeover project. Second one is possible when you don’t own a valid motorcycle to start working with, then, no problem! Tamarit Motorcycles overlooks the first and second hand market for you and gets the best deal according to your budget in order to start working on the motorcycle of your dreams. Finally, third and last option is when the client acquires a shiny project already finish and released by Tamarit Motorcycles.  

Tamarit Motorcycles takes on an exclusivity commitment with the client, since we don’t make a design that has been previously released and sold to other client. Every motorcycle we create and sign is unique and one in a lifetime. Despite there are tons of people that every week ask about an exact replica of some bike already delivered, we insist in one of the main features of Tamarit Motorcycles projects : our clients get a unique piece of machinery according to your budget and desires.

Another aspect that is a trademark for us, is the constant contact with the client, we like to maintain a fluid and ongoing comunication in order to be sure that everything we make is under his approval, since the first telephone calls where the first ideas or sketches are drawn to the last cherries on top before its release.

The difference between extraordinary and conventional, the gap between what everyone can get and something unique only possible in your dreams is narrowing down more than ever. Tamarit Motorcycles transforms the Triumph Modern Classic you ever dreamed just by telling the idea in your mind our letting yourself go guided by our experts.