FAQ and conditions during the current crisis period (COVID19)


· I’ve already made an order, it’s going to be delivered? On which conditions?

Tamarit guarantees that all the previous and ongoing orders will be delivered as soon as the current lockdown circunstances may allow. Furthermore, all the items placed on the box ready to ship are cleaned and sanitized by the Tamarit Team using the counter-measures ruled by the current state of emergency.


· I want to place an order, how much would it take to get my items?

Depending on the parts you may order, these could be already on stock or it may require of customization and paintwork. That’s why Tamarit Motorcycles sets temporarily a delivery time of 5 to 30 working days for manufacturing and shipping, since a lot of the parts depend on the work of many partners that are currently closed because of the current sitation of shutdown.


· What should I do when I receive a package?

All the courier services are still online but following a strict non-contact policy with the customer when it comes to deliver the parcel. Signature or fingerprint won’t be necessary anymore on the courier’s terminal. You may only need to show your ID and remember, always meter and a half away.


· Do refund and warranty policies change?

We get that currently is not allowed to ride the bike anywhere beside little exceptions. That’s why this current lockdown period would be voided and won’t count regarding the refund and warranty times. If you want to return an item, please contact with us: Return an item.


· Current period special promotion.

We would like to thank all the Tamarit Motorcycles customers their invaluable support, by bringing the prices down by a 20% temporarily while this crisis situation lasts. In order to use this discount, use the code “tamarit20”. This can’t be used along other discounts or by including on the cart other parts that are not made by Tamarit.