Triumph Street Twin custom

A Triumph Street Twin custom takes the most popular modern classic motorcycle and adds a personal and exclusive design to the mix. The performance and handling of this motorcycle are nothing to scoff at either, with a light smaller frame and a familiar Bonneville engine. Launched not too long ago, this model became an instant favorite after its presentation in 2016, turning into the best-selling motorcycle of the modern classic series of the British brand. Described as one of the best models to personalize, a Triumph Street Twin custom is not an overly complicated work thanks to its versatility and minimalist design. This motorcycle is the most affordable model of the series, but still has impeccable style and capabilities.

Street Twin custom: Modern and accessible

The latest model presented by the British manufacturer has a minimalist design with simple clean lines. Even if this is the most accessible model, this does not mean that it is less capable and has a 900cc HT Bonneville engine, improved to be more efficient and sustainable than previous models.

The simplicity of this model extends to its design that is available in three elegant colors: Jet Black, Matte Ironstone, and Cobalt Blue. There are also two special editions with the same specifications, but a different color scheme that gives them a new personality. A good Triumph Street Twin custom is made when the original style and the new personal design manage to coexist without overpowering one another, creating a very unique motorcycle that tells a story with only a glance. Part of what makes this motorcycle so popular is the combination of classic style and new technology.

Tamarit’s custom Triumph Street Twin: Iconic and personal

A Triumph Street Twin custom, like any other customization, starts with an idea. Each client works closely with our designers for the first steps of the process to translate that exact idea into a final draft that our team can follow to create a custom Triumph Street Twin. To better fit the original design of each client, our team develops new parts and accessories

We only work with motorcycles of the modern classic series; this specialization has allowed us to better understand the Bonneville engine and the potential the models of the British brand have. The versatility and the clean lines of this motorcycle make it a perfect base for a customization into any of the classic styles.


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