Efi Speedometer

Valid for every EFI motorbike

Efi Speedometer specifications

Item description

The EFI speedometer measures 6’5×8 cm and is compatible with every motorcycle with an EFI system. This kit consists of a clock with two LED warning lights and the proper bracket. Available in black or white.

How to install it?

The speedometer bracket uses the same anchor points as the original, so you just have to attach the new part using the same nuts and bolts. In order to install and calibrate the clock, you will need some basic electronics knowledge.

Difficulty level : Medium

You will need the following hardware
10 mm wrench

Materials employed:

The speedometer bracket is made of 3mm thick iron.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the EFI Speedometer?

EmeBlack, Alfa, The Son, and SuperStar.

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