Custom motorcycle for sale

Probably if you have reached this page it is because you are looking for differentiation from the common and exclusivity. What Tamarit likes the most is to find a strong personality with which to create a unique project together and to capture it in each and every one of the details that shine in our motorcycles.

In Tamarit Motorcycles we offer you the best custom bike for sale, the one you have always dreamed of is now possible to make it come true.

Customized motorcycle for sale

Customized style

We offer you a variety of styles in which to personalize your customized bike for sale: the classic and legendary Cafe Racer style, the comfortable and urban Brat Style, the adventurous and off-road Scrambler style, the fun and competitive Dirt Track style and the imposing and American Bobber style.

Custom bike for sale

Cafe Racer, speed and competition

Cafe Racer is a lifestyle, a way of understanding speed and competition, companionship and passion for motorcycles.

More and more fashionable and, consequently, more and more distorted, the Cafe Racer movement is now more than 60 years old and fortunately it is back. It is becoming more and more common to see motorcycles of this style on the roads, but in reality it is much more than a type of customised motorcycle for sale, it is (or was) a lifestyle for many lovers of two wheels.

Custom bike for sale

Brat Style, Japan Style

The Brat Style also known as Japan Style, is a style that as its name says has its origin in Japan. It is based on motorcycles of 400cc cubic or less, which makes them much smaller than the big American Bobber, and that is where they adopt the similarity to the Cafe Racer, although in the case of the Brat Style is not looking for pure performance but a good urban handling and are also fun on unruly roads.

Although many things may vary, they stand out in their classic design, wide tires, small headlight and very thin and flat two-seater seat. For its riding comfort and the union of two "superstyles" it is gaining more and more recognition these days becoming one of the most acclaimed customized motorcycles for sale.

Custom motorcycle for sale

Scrambler, naked and trail

Scrambler motorcycles are an iconic reference of the sixties that today is more alive than ever with infinite customizations and even new models of the brands. A mix between a naked and a trail, ideal for touring on two wheels. With a look that mixes offroad and road, scrambler motorcycles are an ideal choice for lovers of classic motorcycles with "that" something that makes you fall in love.

The important thing is not the beauty but the robustness of a bike that will not resist any trail in any conditions. That's why a scrambler is so interesting, a bike that mixes simplicity with power, something that is truly beautiful to the eyes of the rider. Excursion motorcycles par excellence, the scrambler is an icon in the world of custom bikes for sale that never goes out of fashion.

Customized motorcycle for sale

Dirt Track, the art of skidding

It is a sporting style or modality that was born in the United States. It is applied to high-speed motorcycling and has a very peculiar structure, developing in oval circuits with pronounced curves. This discipline has gained great popularity, not only in America, its origin, but also in Europe.

The spectacle of racing under this concept attracted so many spectators that it was very well received. Its beginnings were in cycling, with the awakening of cycling races in America, but later it was implemented in motorcycles. Something that marked a before and after and gave birth to the exclusive race tracks, the best asphalts to ride a custom bike for sale.

Customized motorcycle for sale

Bobber, custom par excellence

Popularized in the 40's after the Second World War, they were generally built from the motorcycles of the time, mainly Triumph bikes. They sought to make the bikes faster and lighter, so they chose to cut and remove everything superfluous, losing weight and gaining in speed.

They play with a very original and classic aesthetic, accompanied by a low and loud sound that will make you look at them. They are lower than normal, due to their single seat springs, which were installed to accommodate the bike, as they were made from a rigid chassis with very basic front suspension.

Thanks to the previous point, they achieve an upward diagonal shape from the rear wheel to the handlebars. They mount rims of the same diameter and thick tires, sometimes with white tread. Its design is characterized by a robust and classic line that will undoubtedly attract attention for being the most acclaimed personalized motorcycle on sale.