Classic Triumph Motorcycles for sale

There are several classic Triumph Motorcycles for sale in today’s market, these motorcycles bring back a timeless style inspired by motorcycles from the sixties and masterfully combines it with all the comforts of 21st century technology. The latest Classic Triumph Motorcycles for sale are based on the iconic Bonneville model, all of them have a classic style and impeccable performance, but with a unique character and features. The latest lineup of this classic series has the Bonneville modes, Speed Twin, Thruxton RS, the scrambler models and the immensely popular Street Twin.

Triumph Modern Classics for sale

The evolution of a legend

With a long history that takes us back to 1959, to the launch of the first Bonneville manufactured by the British brand, this family has grown exponentially to get to the latest line up of classic bikes for sale Triumph, which appears to have a motorcycle for everyone. All models have the iconic British parallel twin engine, which can be HT 900cc or HT 1200cc, updated to be more efficient and sustainable.

The iconic T100, T100 Black, and T120 models are back with improved performance, enhanced technology and handling, and the same elegant design. On the other hand, the Bobber arrives with its low stance, black-out style, and muscular appearance to steal all the attention wherever it goes. The original cafe racer comes back in the form of the Thruxton RS. The Street Twin takes the place of the most popular of the series, and also the most affordable one of the Triumph Modern Classics for sale but does not lack performance or style. The Scrambler has an incredible on and off-road performance and a more rugged look, where the Speed Twin goes for a more custom style and sport performance.

Customizing a classic Triumph for sale

Timeless icons

All the motorcycles of this series have a very recognizable and defined look; however, the clean lines and simple silhouette give them a versatility that makes them a perfect motorcycle to customize.

We specialize in the customization of the motorcycles of the modern classic series, which has allowed us to perfect our process and has helped our catalog of custom parts and accessories grow. The unique personality of each Classic Triumph Motorcycles for sale lets us create exclusive and personal designs without losing or compromising the classic style. We have worked on over one hundred customizations over the last years and have not seen two motorcycles alike.