“We continue to pay tribute to one of the most iconic cars in the history of automotive, Gullwing keep flying.”

We continue to pay tribute to one of the most emblematic cars in the history of automotive and as specialists in Triumph motorcycles, we have taken a further step to present the second member of the limited edition Tamarit series, the Gullwing X.

There are few designs that still manage to inspire so much 70 years after its launch. The Mercedes 300 SL retains those elements that make it unique and make it a source of inspiration for those who love exclusive bikes.

The Tamarit team decided to inspire on the Mercedes “GULLWINGS” of the 50’s and to represent those elements that made it an icon. The rounded curves of the headlights, the doors opening upwards (…) All this has been reproduced on a Thruxton 900 carburetor, a limited edition that has already captivated half the world.

We are here to change las cosas.

Known for its distinctive gullwing doors, the Mercedes 300 SL was one of the first two-seater supercars created by the German manufacturer Mercedes Benz, between 1943 and 1969. An emblematic engine and an innovative design among the neoclassical motorcycles, the new Gullwing X.

The Tamarit Gullwing has some common elements such as rounded lines, like the iconic Mercedes, or the reproduction of the “wings” in a single part that is raised hydraulically. These bikes are also accompanied by classic wheels that accentuate the retro style.

Nine different versions have been created that correspond to the colors used by the German brand. In the Gullwing X versión, has combined the color red on the body with black upholstery in four parts, one of the sportiest versions of the limited edition.

A bike that has been designed for those two-wheel nostalgic that seeks to “fly” on the back of a Gullwing inspired by the 50’s.

Spec sheet:

– 98 HP
– Triumph Thruxton 900cc Engine – Carburetor
– Full engine dismantled and asembled back
– One-piece hydraulic bodywork
– European road/street legal certificate
– Modified frame
– Gel cushion seat
– KN Power Filters
– Keihin carburetor
– Behringer brakes
– Redesign of the oil radiator inside the chassis
– Windscreen
– Kineo radio rims
– Improved Intake Exhausts
– Motogadget devices and ECU
– Kustom Tech levers and brake cylinder
– Hagon Nitro Shock absorbers
– Custom Alluminum Triple Tee
– Tamarit Speedster Exhausts
– Victory Classic TT Tyres
– Galfer brake disks
– Chromed Damper

Available in 9 colors:

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Available in 9 colors:

Select the color and we will create yours:

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