Tamarit Motorcycles Support Center

How do we work

Tamarit Motorcycles always follows a set of steps when it comes to work with the clients who decide to begin an exclusive transformation project by accepting our quote proposal. All the steps are meant so the client is always in control of the final result of the motorcycle, through the custom sketches or through the selection of parts and procedures that will make the final result of the motorcycle project.

These are the step breakdown that Tamarit does with the client during a regular project :

– 1 Contact

Most of the contacts with Tamarit are made through the Internet. The clients send the contact forms that are scattered all around the website and only after a few hours Tamarit contacts with the client through phone call in order to solve as many doubts as possible, to know if the client owns a bike or not, and above all, to give the client the chance for expressing his desire or idea and meeting each other.

-2 Quote

Once during the contact phase the main guidelines of the project are known, the quote is made with all the parts and procedures explained: from the parts meant to be installed, to the elements and devices imported from other brands, the labor, the shipping costs, the standardization… etc. This quote obviously is just a general guide proposed to the client, which can be modified by the client as he wants, taking out or putting as many elements or parts as he desires.

-3 Sketches

When the quote phase is accepted and confirmed by the client, we should have now the list of all the elements that would form the project. As a result, now is time for the client to see the looks of the finished bike on a drawing. Client must choose the design, colors and upholstery, which are included on a very realistic drawing made by a graphic artist. Many proposals can be drawn on these sketches until the client is sure about the color and designs is the one he truly wants.

– 4 Contract

After this previous phases, Tamarit Motorcycles signs with the client a little contract which authorizes to Tamarit to keep the motorcycle and be in charge of it while the transformation process lasts. It is also worth mentioning that the total amount of the project is stated on the initial quotes and the payment is fulfilled in two parts: Half of the total amount should be paid in order to begin with the project and the other half in order to deliver it.

– 5 Transformation

This is the period of time containing since the bike enters the workshop gates until the day of the showcase. A very common doubt amont our clients is how much would take to transform a exclusive motorcycle made by Tamarit. The answer obviously depends on the size of the project and complexity of the parts to install. A simple project could take about 2 or 3 weeks, on the other hand there have been other way more expensive and laborious projects  that have taken several months in order to finish them.

– 6 Showcase

Finally, having the motorcycle finished and the client anxious to ride his one-of-a-kind motorcycle, Tamarit Motorcycles uses to hold a big showcase party at the Tamarit Showroom, where the client will see the bike completely transformed for the first time accompanied by friends and relatives, as well as with the rest of the modern classic motorcycle community of the area.