Tamarit Motorcycles Support Center

How to get a refund

In case that the client wants to return or exchange a part of Tamarit Motorcycles, it can be easily done subject to compliance with being within 30 days following the receipt or the article. Depending on the condition of the article, there are two possible scenarios:

– The article is in a perfect condition, without any kind of discernible flaw: The client sends back the package on his own. Once it gets the Tamarit Motorcycles warehouse, the refund of the paid amount for the article will be done as soon as possible.

– The article has been damaged in transit, it is not the right color, it has some flaw, or it can not be properly installed: Tamarit Motorcycles collects the article form the client and take it back to the warehouse for repair, change or adjustment. Once the article is now all ready, it is sent again to the client as soon as possible.

In both cases, in order to start the return or exchange process, it is necessary to contact with Tamarit Motorcycles via this contact form: