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How to install the Jarama seat

The Jarama seat is one of the main parts of the Tamarit Motorcycles parts catalogue for air cooled motorcyle. Same as the rest of the seats made by this brand, this part modifies greatly the motorcycle looks, and combined with the rear fender eliminator kit it does provide a killer resulting look.

The inner structure of the seat is based on the stock seat so, in order to install it, you won’t have to do nothing else rather than removing the original and placing the Tamarit one.

The attachment of this seat consists in two parts : a front little flap to be placed on the fuel tank, and two mounting holes with screws on the rear, which are installed with basic procedures.

In order to install the seat, you only have to place the front towards the fuel tank until the little flap is well-inserted and, right after, put down gently the rear part until the bracket of the seats get aligned with the mounting holes in order to set the screws with all the nuts and bolts that would come with them.