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How to install the Mónaco seat

One of the most common parts when it comes to modify the looks of your motorcycles is the seat, which is replaced with parts much more elegant and stylish as the Tamarit seats. Regarding the new liquid-cooled models for Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200 R, the seat that Tamarit Motorcycle has available is the Mónaco seat.

This seat is even easier to install than the previous seats from the former generation: You may only have to turn the rear seat key in order to unblock the rear lock.

You must follow these steps:

– Remove the original seat by turning the key that unlocks the mechanism of the seat. Lift the seat once the rear pin is released.

– Place the Mónaco seat first by the front, pushing towards the fuel tank until the little flap is well inserted. After that, please low gently the seat trying to match the pin of the seat with the mechanism on the bike frame. You will probably have to turn the key at the same time you insert the pin by pushing gently on the rear part of the seat. A proper installation will be checked by the noticeable locking sound.