New kid on the block : Guildford

Looks like the Tamarit workshop never closes the gates, specially not closing due ongoing works on Triumph motorcycles and the makeover projects based on them through original custom parts designed at the office. Here in Tamarit Motorcycles we firmly believe that makeovers based on Triumph air-cooled modern classics has still a lot to say, and that’s why we’re very glad to present a new entry in our garage, GUILDFORD, an awesome project based on an air-cooled Bonneville. On its web section “Bikes” you will find very soon all the details about it, the origin of the name and all the parts involved. We wouls like to talk about specially about the part that has the same name as the project : The new Guildford side covers, valid for EFI and Carb models of the Modern Classics such as Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler, taking place then the role of the former side covers that TMRT had for these models, the “Santa Maria” covers, a holed/spotted side covers finally unlisted. The new side covers have a clearly classic design, inspired by ancient times, design that also inspirad the outdoor photo session, where we focused on the side covers. Classic but multi-functional, these covers could be included on every makeover, specially Café Racer and Brat Style . The perfect article for your Triumph makeover, available very soon on the online shop at Tamarit Motorcycles.

Along with the front fender, the side covers are one of that parts you begin with when the time for making over your Triumph arrives, as a previous step for bigger tasks such as the electrical wiring, the shock absorbing system or the seat. Most of our followers would know that sometimes we introduce a new project, some new parts would come out as well as a surprise, this time the surprise came as a new part designed for that project.

For the Guildford photoshoot we wanted to make a reference to the ancient pictures that we’re lucky to keep of our city, Elche, and we went to a wonderful landmark frozen in time like the Santa María Basílica , and the results were simply awesome!