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Parts Warranty

All the parts by Tamarit Motorcycles are delivered with the usual 2 years warranty as the regular European laws state. Out of this coverage policy are the parts damaged due faulty use, poor handling, negligence or accident.

After this 2 years have passed since the purchase date, Tamarit Motorcycles also provides a damage coverage at cost price, whether re-painting works, re-upholstery or re-adjusting. In other words, the client would be charged the price excluding any profit margin.

The parts made of metal, as sump guards, grills, headlight or speedometer supports, feature a lifetime warranty.

The imported parts as speedometers, shock absorbers, electronics parts and imported exhaust are liable to the own warranties and conditions stated by the manufacturers of origin.

If you want to return some defective article and it is within the warranty period, please check these sections:

How to get a refund
What to do in case of receiving a defective or damaged product/a>