Random #1

When we decided to do a section for the people to send us their pictures of modified Triumphs equipped with our parts, never thought that would get a welcome that warm and we got to fill a folder in a matter of days! We would like to sincerely thank all the clients that had a minute to show us that little part of their lives to us.

Therefore, we will upload from time to time in the blog a selection of the best pictures sent in order emphasize even more on the life of our parts once they depart from our warehouse and workshop. We found very curious watching how dispersed are our clients around all regions of the globe, because we get at the same week pictures and landscapes extremely diverse despite those picures being sent the same week. We love to have a huge variety of pics, from sunny and shiny climates from Triumphs half-buried in the snow. It’s not only a matter of showing certain motorcycle parts intalled on a Triumph, but also looking for that added value, to show a life style and to share with us those moments that up to date were only reserved to you and your motorcycle.

Capture the best snapshot to your Triumph and be part of the Tamarit community watching how your bike is featured in our blog!