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Legend has it that the word “scrambler” dates back to the 1920s when a British announcer described the off-road race he was watching as “quite a scramble”. Today, a Scrambler is a well-known type of motorbike built for off-road as well as everyday use.

Looking for Scrambler motorcycle builders? Then you’ve come to the right place. As an expert in motorcycle customization since 2015, Tamarit Motorcycles will guarantee you the best result for your dream bike!

More than 100 motorcycles built in just five years

Tamarit Motorcycles’ adventure first began five years ago in Spain when it occurred to two designers to customize motorcycles with pieces of leather. And success didn’t take long to show its face. Renowned for its expertise and high quality, the company has become a reference in the biking sector and is now crossing oceans to bring its expertise to the world.

Tamarit Motorcycles is proud to be able to rely on a team of incredible Scrambler motorcycle builders. Each member of our team is doing their best to meet their customers’ needs and offer them the smoothest experience with Tamarit Motorcycles as possible.

At Tamarit Motorcycles, we like to compare the bond between ourselves and our customers with the one that brings family members together. So join the Tamarit family today!

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Scrambler motorcycle builders

With its dual-purpose tires, the Scrambler motorcycle is perfect for all those who want to be able to ride on every kind of surface. Is this your case? Please contact Scrambler motorcycle builders by email or by phone and share your design ideas with us! At the third step of our working process, sketches will help you to give us a more detailed vision of your dream bike.

Any doubts or questions? Please do not hesitate to ask us! We will advise you with pleasure.

To sum up, our working process will follow five steps:











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Pampering our customers and making sure they are never left in the dark is also part of our mission. That’s why we will keep you informed on the progress of your bike by sending you reports twice a week.

Scrambler motorcycle builders’ services

Choose between the two services Scrambler motorcycle Builders can offer you to get a Tamarit custom project. If you already own a Triumph motorcycle, please bring it to us so that we can work on it directly.

If you don’t, we will ask our team in Spain to find one that best suits your needs to serve as a base for your bike.

Once your bike is ready, we will box it up and send it straight at your front door as good as new.

Visit the custom bike builders at our facilities in Spain

Itching with curiosity to know how Scrambler motorcycle builders transform your bike? Don’t wait any longer and visit our facilities in Spain! The trip also includes a lunch with the professionals working on your bike. Don’t miss this opportunity to see them at work and share your ideas with them face-to-face!

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“These people are just amazing, they’re listen to you, they came with their ideas and they just make it happen.” Félix M. Bike #45 Appalachia