Tamarit Motorcycles Triumph Scrambler

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

The Triumph Scrambler is for Tamarit Motorcycles always a motorcycle very special to work with. A Triumph Scrambler usually guarantees to the rider tons of fun and for Tamarit Motorcycle goes the same way. Every client prone to buy a Triumph Scrambler knows that a above all a all terrain motorcycle is waiting, literally ready for every surface and environment. Here in Tamarit the Triumph Scrambler is a model almost unprecedented at our family, nevertheless the works based on Triumph Scrambler that laid in our hands has been projects according to our clients desires and truly spectacular.

A Triumph Scrambler made in Tamarit Motorcycles has an infinite number of possibilities that our parts range provides, this, jointly with the motorcycle’s versatile essence previously mentioned creates a very attractive situation for our clients, who obtain a modified scrambler without losing its all-terrain features and being able to greatly perform on every surface and sorrounding, doesn’t matter if its urban or soil. These are our projects based on a Triumph Scrambler as a donor bike, where the Tamarit clients task us the purchase of the motorbike (first or second hand) as well as the makeover project, which is an special option for those who don’t own a motorcycle (yet).

If the client already has a motorcycle compatible with the Tamarit parts, the project goes right to the design phase, where the owner tells Tamarit how does he want his “Dream Motorcycle” according to the budget available. Moreover, there are a few projects that without being ordered by a client, Tamarit produces them directly to its sell once the project makeover is finished.
Among our unique and exclusive projects you may find examples of designs clearly oriented to the classic style, like Brisa. Nevertheless, Tamarit often likes to give the lead of the project to the client in order to satisfy all the intentions and being able to make a design completely made to measure, without caring about the colours or the clear intention to break the standards.

The Triumph Scrambler projects also serve a lot of times as a way for developing new parts and accessories for the Triumph Scrambler and the other compatible models.

We adapt to every kind of client and request, also, the client who trust his bike to Tamarit Motorcycle has our guarantee that he will obtain in return a unique and one-off a kind motorcycle.   

Your personal budget:

The bikes above are the many projects that our clients tasked to us. Tamarit Motorcycles usually works based on 3 project models: The first one, the client sends his Triumph to our workshop to be modified as desired. The second, Tamarit buys and modifies the motorcycle under client’s request and desires. And finally, the client purchases an stock motorcycle, a finished project already modified.