Showroom parties

Highlighted long time before at the calendar, despite we’ve been in more that we can remember, a showroom party at Tamarit’s is always somehow special.

One of the main intentions for what the showroom was designed at the beggining, when the Tamarit location was nothing but a ruin waiting to be rebuilded and completely refurbished, was to gather all the modern classic motorcycle community of the area through all type events and being able to create that esence that embraces the Tamarit Motorcycles spirit. Parties at the showroom have been epic so far, with live music at their grand openings or all of the introduction parties of our projects (some of them already classics) such as Mr. Kevin, Pantera, Yunque or Muralla.

Tamarit’s showroom atracts people from all ages and collectives, and it’s no surprise watching hanging around at a TMRT party people from college bachelors enjoying and blasting their twenties to old timers with a long mileage on their engines.

After a few months with the showroom closed to the public due confusing and elusive restrictions coming from the authorities, we held a big party to re-open our place and to introduce the beauty #35 Carlota, that basically got the place packed with barely any space to move and that amount of people gave us the chance for seeing our street full of roaring bikes again. Among all these bikes, there were a lot of our projects like Comeback Special, Rosso, Dalua, Black Thunder, Super Lopez, and that’s one of the very few things that we could boast about, that a huge part of our clients, in the end, have become our friends and the contact still lives on.

Tamarit Motorcycles rhythm doesn’t stop for anything, and very soon another unique motorcycle will be introduced, don’t miss it !