Tamarit Leather bag

There are several articles on the Tamarit Motorcyles catalogue that were released due “popular demand”. Articles that at the beggining weren’t meant to be on sale after installing them on some of our custom proyects. On these proyects, the clients propose us some ideas to include on their bikes and Tamarit Motorcycles tries to the extent possible to carry out the inclusion of those elements on their beloved Modern Classic motorcycles. Some examples of those articles that were released on sale after receiving a lot of interest and acclaim among our followers and clients could be the Tank Knee Pads included on one of our most elegant projects ever made, the Bonneville known as D.FRANKLIN or the Dakar Front Mask, also included in one of our lastest proyects, MATRICER. Today’s blog is about the Tamarit’s leater bag, which installed as a saddlebag, is set on the left side of the motorcycle in order to function as a goods carrier during the ride.  Same as we did with the “Pegaso” legbag, Tamarit Motorcycles keeps following that idea of providing as much as functionality possible to the modern Classic motorcycle ride, but without losing a glimpse of style and quality.

Made of 100% leather and through a fair trade, the Tamarit leather bag measures 35×30 cm (perfect for carrying the laptop or papers during our daily home-work-home commuting) and will fit perfectly on your bike thanks to the bracket designed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

The bracket, made of 3mm thick iron, it’s possible to be installed on all the bikes from the Modern Classic range such as Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, Street Twin. Despite having two variants that allows this bracket to fit on both generations (the old air cooled and the new liquid cooled) we’re very sorry to inform that this bracket won’t fit the performance new range of the Modern Classics, the Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200R. In order to install the bracket on a new generation motorcycle ( 2016 – ) , you will need to install previously our rear fender eliminator kit or the Ibiza seat.

Same as the tank knee pads and the front mask, once those items were displayed to the public via the D FRANKLIN and MATRICER  projects, we were amazed by the amount of e mails and enquiries we received asking about the leather bag, since until then it was very hard to find a bracket that could hold safely every backpack or bag, specially on the old generation Modern Classic motorcycles. Finally, it was decided to improve and consolidate the prototype installed on those projects and make available to our clients, being this leather bag the lastest item to be included in our catalogue very soon.

The leather bag has, as well as the rest of the accesories and boutique items by Tamarit, the best of the buildings and made of the best materials and fabrics available. Hardy built and with extra tough needlework, the bag is designed to satisfy even the most continuous and exhausting routines. It’s included as well on the parcel a long handle ( made of 100% leather as welll ) just in case you want to wear it shoulder-hanged, or suitcase style.