The TMRT Footrests

A very common episode we have in Tamarit Motorcycles (which probably you would’ve read previously on this blog) is the singularity of “that” accesory that we included on a completely isolated way on one of our projects, and what we thought at the beggining it would be an unnoticed detail, out of the blue becomes one of the most highlighted, popular and requested features of all the project. It happenned with the project MATRICER, where the little auxiliar headlight we set on one of the safety bars at first barely visible, became in one of our most demanded parts during that month at our mailbox. Obviously lots of have heard about the tank knee pads, included in D Franklin, and it was such the avalanche of emails, comments and requests we got that we had to make our way through until we could produce it on a broad scale, since it supossed to be just a one-time prototype.

This blog entry talks about a part that despite it was actually included previously at some of our projects, we never had the proper conditions to produce it on a large scale and release it at our online shop in order to our clients to get it and to install it on their motorcycles. The part we’re talking about is the aluminum footrests, which have been a part present since our very first projects and often acts as that discreet touch in the dark but contributes big time to the overall transformation.

These footrests are made of mecanized aluminum numerically controlled and they’re valid for the old generation of air-cooled Triumph Modern Classics. Without a doubt, as almost every part sold by Tamarit Motorcycles, you can install these footrests by yourself, because they use the same hitching kit as the default footrests.

With a premium finish and made of first quality materials , these footrests have the perfect look for our projects and for your own bike as well, providing that aggressive touch buty classy at the same time.

This item consists in a full set of 4 footrests, you may choose the option of the bike you have when it comes to buy them, since the Bonneville footrests and the Thruxton’s are different (if you have an Scrambler, you may choose the Bonneville option as well before you add the item to cart). They are only available in steel finish.

Hope you like them as much as we do!